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The mission of ALEF-Consulting is guided by a philosophy of learning-cenetredness in organizational development. Learning-centeredness must be supported by authenticity of communication to foster the required genuine dialogue that must exist for its creation and sustenance. To accomplish what, we employ a social constructionist ontological view to create truly dialogic environments in which learning is created anew for each class based upon the interactions of the students and the professors. True learning-centeredness is a deeply-held philosophy in which the learning environment is co-created by the facilitators and the organization members. Our role is to facilitate this process.  


 By engaging organization members in a process in which we assist them in developing those critical thinking abilities, we are necessarily drawing significantly from the members’ own life experiences. This is representational of a reality that is socially constructed amongst the members and leaders. In that reality, there may, indeed, be objective facts, but the evaluation of how they interact in understanding possible future realities delves into the realm of the subjective. In fact, it must do so. Why? Because the most basic tenet of the learning-centered instructional environment is that the organization members play a key role in constructing their own knowledge—not merely at the Understand level of Bloom’s taxonomy, but extending to the levels of Evaluation and Creation of knowledge.




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